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Available CAD Formats
The CADtoday™ libraries are currently downloadable from this website in the following formats:
.DWG (AutoCAD® Drawing File)
.DXF (Drawing eXchange File)
.MCD (VectorWorks®)
.TCW (TurboCAD®)
.3DS (3D Studio®)
.ALB (Chief Architect®)
Other formats planned for release include:
DataCAD v11
If you would like to purchase symbols in our CADtoday™ libraries in a format other than those listed, please contact us.
Additionally, many of our symbols are available as individual  objects. If you're interested in a certain symbol but not the entire contents of the library of which it's a part, contact us to discuss purchasing only the symbol or symbols which interest you.
You can e-mail us from your own e-mail client or, to expedite matters, you may send your message from here:

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